Monday, November 22, 2010

Harvest mixed at Philadelphia CC

It was a very exciting, stressful, fun bonspiel at the Harvest mixed. Three teams of mostly Nutmeg made the trip down to Paoli for one of the best mixed events in the GNCC.

Maura and Lee Cocky curled with Pam Moan and Roland (Philly). Maura was skipping and made a good showing. They had a lot of fun and held their own against more experienced teams. Pam and Roland also where a huge help with the stressful part, more on that later.

Elly and Karl Bockley played with Ken and Teresa (both Philly) and had a great showing. Two wins to start put them into the first event semis. They ran into the McKinley team (Philly) there and lost a close one to drop to the fourth event. Sunday morning was not better and they lost to team DeJong (Plainfield).

Team Hannon had the big adventure of the weekend. Jeff and Sally had Rob Riehl and Nancy (Philly and Roland's wife). A loss in the first game dropped them into the second event and then things went South from there. Sally suffered an atrial fibrillation on Friday around noon. Roland is a doctor and checked her pulse and a trip to the local hospital was ordered. Short version - ER, IV drip, heart monitor, admitted, overnight stay, ALL IS WELL.

Some able subs were found for Jeff and Sally and the team somehow managed to win the second game while calling and texting to check on Sally. Saturday Sally was back at the club to cheer on the team and they won again. Sunday saw another win in the second event final.

Thanks to everyone in attendance for all the support and help.


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Season is underway

All the leagues have started and there are lots of new faces at the club. About 60 new curlers have joined this year from the Olympic crush. They are very keen and want to learn everything as soon as possible.

On the bonspiel side, Elly B. went to Plainfield for the Mid-Atlantic and came home with a second event winners pin. Not sure if there were others there as well.

If you want to post your road stories here just email Jeff and let him know.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Blazing Leaves Bonspiel wrap up

Fifteen teams competed in the first Nutmeg bonspiel of the season. Five home town teams and 10 from as far as North Carolina. In the end Derek and Charrissa with Scott Price (Broomstones) and Phelicia (yes, she curls at Nutmeg) emerged as the winners. They had a good battle against a strong Potomac team.

Second event went to Elly and Karl with Sarah and Ted (both Plainfield). Third event was won by Diane, Don, Karen and Ann as Nutmeg III. Fourth event went to an Ardsley team skipped by Sandy Gaffner.

Lots of good food with the chili contest on Saturday and a new addition of an apple pie contest. Merlyn Glodek won for best chili and Jill Owens won the pie bake-off. Friday night saw the start of a new tradition that was very popular. A stalwart crew of Merlyn, Pinto Hope and Lee Cockey manned two smokers all night and into Saturday to produce some fabulous ribs, brisket and pork. They spent the entire night outside at the club with some forays into the warm room for naps.

Great job by Mr. Hirx and Jim O'Boyle in organizing and running a wonderful event. Thanks to all that helped out.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Busy weekend

A whole bunch of distant relatives came and played with us this weekend. That was a lot of fun. We really learned a lot and so did Uncle Jeff.

We are fast! We slide and slide and slide. That spa trip made such a difference. We slide a lot easier and if you throw us too hard we go slamming into the other end. When we bump into each other we going flying everywhere. Those fuzzy things you wave in front of us really make us go far. We also like to bend and curve. If you throw us hard we go pretty straight. If you throw us just right so we stop in those pretty circles we bend and bend and bend.

The other thing we learned is we need to spin. When you grab our hats and throw us, make sure you spin us. If you don't spin us right we just kind of find our own path to follow.

Editor's note: The rocks are faster and have late finish. They also have a lot of glide and do not dig in and stop. Late finish means they curl hard as they are slowing down on draws. Takeouts will be pretty straight. Need good rotation on the rock, 2 1/2 turns. The rocks and ice are also unforgiving. A rock released with outward momentum with continue to slide outward.

Can't wait for all of you to try us out.
Rock 40

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Zzzzz..wha...huh...Okay we're awake

Gosh that was a nice nap. Now Aunt Bobbie has pulled off the blankets and woken us up. We are all out here on the ice and getting our bottoms nice and cold. Very, very soon we will be sliding all over....wheeeeeee. Crashing into each other and bouncing around. So much fun.

The cousins will all be out and grabbing our hats and sliding us around. They will be waving those fuzzy things in front of us to say hi. Some of them will yell at us but we just pretend we don't hear them. Besides rocks don't have ears, silly cousins. I hear even some distant relatives are coming in to play with us. Won't they be surprised at how good we look.

See you all soon.
Rock 40

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The cold weather is here

YAHHH! It is getting cold here at home. Even though we are all covered up, we can feel the cold starting to seep into us. There was some excitement yesterday as well. Uncle Jeff and a bunch of cousins stopped by and played in the cold. They were spraying water, putting stuff on the floor and some other strange things. It made us really anxious to get out into the cold and play as well.

The strange things they must have been doing. We overheard cousin Sharon ask about using more Vaseline and then later on Uncle Jeff asked to be turned on. Not sure what that was all about, maybe someone should ask cousin Sharon to explain.

Aunt Bobbie even stopped by early this morning to visit and spray more water. It must take a lot of water and stuff before we can come out to play. We will be patient and just wait our turn.

Time for some more napping.
Rock #40

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Back home and settled in

Summer vacation was great but it was a bit warm. Now we are home, settled in and waiting for the cold to start again. Uncle Jeff and cousins Charrissa and Derek said we have never looked better. Our skin is really smooth, that spa did a wonderful job. We can't wait to get back into the action. It will be a little strange in the beginning since we all have new hats. Some of us may have our hats changed but that won't happen for awhile.

We also all lost some weight when we went to the spa. Now we are slim and trim and ready to rock (ha ha, I made a joke). Uncle Jeff and a bunch of cousins even adjusted the cameras to show off our new look. Now we can really stand out on TV. Cousin Kyle was a big help climbing the scary ladder to make use look good in our close-ups.

Time for a little nap now after all the excitement. We are all tucked in and covered up so we don't get any paint on us. Just waiting for the cold to start which is really soon.

Uncle Jeff is going to write down all of our vital statistics. With our new tattoos it will be so much easier to keep track of where we are and what hat we are wearing. All of our info can be found in the cabinet by the windows.

See you all soon
Rock #40